Young Lions California Common
Young Lions California Common

Young Lions California Common

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Born out of necessity and True Grit, the California Common (Steam Beer) was the daily bread of bone-weary and ever hopeful gold rushers. A pale amber lager loaded with Northern Brewer hops and a uniquely expressive lager yeast, these fine beers embody the ingenuity and gumption necessary to make it out West. Typified by the beloved Anchor Steam Beer, that for 127 years left the locals wondering if the fog was coming from the bay, or the brewery.

Our take on this storied brew balances malty notes of toasted bread and caramel with the pleasantly bitter and unique minty character of Northern Brewer hops.

FEATURED MALTS: Domestic Pale Ale, Munich and Crystal Malts

FEATURED HOPS: Northern Brewer

6 x 355ml CANS

5.3% alc

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