Helios Golden Lager 650ml

Helios Golden Lager 650ml

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Helios is the second pillar in our devotion to fine lagers, inspired by a nearly extinct style of beer originating in Dortmund, Ruhr Valley, Germany. A robust, malt forward, export strength lager that is complex yet subtle, Helios reaches maturity after four to six weeks of aging. As it ages, it improves, developing into a true classic, time honoured lager. It is always a favourite amongst our brewers!

Sparkles with a kiss of sweet maltiness, balanced with the earthy spicy notes from Germany’s finest Noble Hops

FEATURED MALTS: Best Munich, Superior Pilsner

FEATURED HOPS: Tettnang, Hallertau Select


6% alc

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Sun God Helios and his four-winged steeds daily pulled the Sun across the sky, giving us light, warmth, the gift of sight.

~ Zeus