Che Bello Italian Pilsner 4 Pack Tall Cans

Che Bello Italian Pilsner 4 Pack Tall Cans

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Reminiscent of fresh bread and honey, with floral notes of sage and lemon balm. Clean, crisp, and exquisitely balanced. Salute!

“Che Bello” can be heard in nearly every corner of Italy. You might hear it uttered in breathless amazement moments after Francesco Totti and Fabio Cannavaro hypnotize the 70,000 fans in the Stadio Olimpico with their end-to-end tic-tac-toe masterpiece culminating in an unstoppable, top corner goal in what the Italians call the Beautiful Game.

You might also hear “Che Bello” used to compliment a long dinner table in Tuscany, laden from one end to the other with exquisite dishes ready for a shared meal. You might even have heard “Che Bello” whispered in awe as Pink Floyd, in October of 1971, played the final note of their 23-minute masterpiece “Echoes” in the majestic Pompeii Amphitheater, sans audience. It means “How Beautiful.”


FEATURED HOPS: Saphir, Tettnang

4 x 473ml TALL CANS

5.3% alc

 *tax and deposit included

Every sip will take you to the sun-drenched fields of Tuscany.

Sean Hoyne