Bier Garten Kolsch 6 Pack Cans

Bier Garten Kolsch 6 Pack Cans

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Our Young Lions (Chris, Antoine, Bryce and Jay) are very proud of their latest creation: Hoyne Kölsch

Their efforts to make this as authentic as possible are remarkable: From Germany we have imported Malted Barley (from Durst Malts), hops from the Hallertau region, a select yeast strain with origins from Cologne, and most importantly, the German time-honored practice of fermenting the beer at cool temperatures and aging it for nearly two full months. They have every right to be proud.

For tasting notes you might expect hints of white wine, gooseberries, a touch of honey, and subtle floral hops followed by a softly balanced malt background.

These pale blonde German ales undergo the lengthy conditioning usually reserved for lagers. What results is truly the best of both brews; a crisp, nuanced, refreshing libation that quickly demands a second. The original session beer.

6 x 355ml CANS

4.6% alc

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