Bier Garten Kolsch 6 Pack Cans
Bier Garten Kolsch 6 Pack Cans

Bier Garten Kolsch 6 Pack Cans

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The efforts to make this as authentic as possible are remarkable: from Germany, we have imported Pilsner Malt from Durst Malts of the Hallertau region; we employ a specialized Kölsch yeast that ferments cool like a lager, but is actually a top-fermenting yeast, making it a true hybrid; we then age it cold in our cellar for a prolonged period of time, again like a lager.

Technically speaking, Kölsch is an Ale – but this conventional Kölsch process, which dates back to the early 17th century, delivers a bright and clear beer, with a straw-yellow hue that is endlessly drinkable and a perfect addition to our line-up of pilsner-style beers.

For tasting notes you might expect hints of white wine, gooseberries, a touch of honey, and subtle floral hops followed by a softly balanced malt background.

These pale blonde German ales undergo the lengthy conditioning usually reserved for lagers. What results is truly the best of both brews; a crisp, nuanced, refreshing libation that quickly demands a second. The original session beer.

FEATURED MALTS: German Pilsner Malt, Malted Wheat

FEATURED HOPS: Hallertau Mittelfuh, Spalter Select

6 x 355ml CANS

4.6% alc

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Use good malt, good cereals, and good hops, well-boiled, that you pitch with top-yeast, and by no means with bottom yeast.