Shine On Hazy IPA 6 Pack Cans

Shine On Hazy IPA 6 Pack Cans

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Waves of tropical fruit, a citrus silhouette, and a mirage of Pacific Northwest Pine. 

As you tentatively peer over the edge (of your glass) towards the unbroken surface below, sticky jungle aromas of passionfruit and mango steady your resolve. You’re going to do it, you’re going to hop right in. Idaho 7, Talus, Mosaic; canon ball, backflip, leap of faith. All good choices. Don’t think, go! You crash beneath warm waves of tangerine and mandarin, and as you break the surface, catch your breath, smack your lips, you know that you’ve only just begun. Let Shine On’s tropical haze transport you to endless summer days. We triple dog dare you to take the plunge!

6 x 355ml CANS

6% alc

*tax and deposit included