Svec - Czech Half Dark Lager Single Tall Can

Svec - Czech Half Dark Lager Single Tall Can

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Svec (Shoemaker) is our interpretation of the Czech answer to Anton Dreher’s famous amber hued Austrian lagers. This Polotmavy Lezak, which translates to ‘half dark’, balances malty notes of toffee, brittle and dark raisin bread with the unique spicy character of Saaz hops. Strikingly bold yet elegant and refined, it’s the beer described by J Peterman as “the perfect vehicle for striding along the cobblestone chicanes of Prague’s shoe disctrict.. Sturdy, handsome, luxurious.”

FEATURE HOPS: Czech Saaz and Sladek

FEATURE MALTS: Moravian Floor Malted Pilsner, Munich and Caramel Malts and a pinch of Rye

4.9% alc


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