Dark Matter Single Tall Can

Dark Matter Single Tall Can

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Dark Matter is the only beer we make where we don’t say on the label what style it is. This is for a very good reason. Even we don’t know! It is more easily described by what it isn’t. It is not as roasted as a stout, nor is it as sweet or high in alcohol as a porter. And don’t even mention brown ale in the same breath. Like the Northern Lights, it is seductively elusive, bringing the mystery of the universe into your glass.

With subtle hints of dark chocolate aroma and roasted malt, this deceptively light beer is soft and creamy on the palate, leaving you with an other-worldly experience

FEATURED MALTS: Thomas Fawcett Chocolate Malt, Simpsons Maris Otter

FEATURED HOPS: BC grown Willamette


5.3% alc

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Drinking Dark Matter is like stepping into a cozy British pub on a rainy afternoon.