Young Lions Abbey Style Dubbel 650ml
Young Lions Abbey Style Dubbel 650ml

Young Lions Abbey Style Dubbel 650ml

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Deep within the cloistered confines of the St. Hoyner-dictus Abbey, one brother, Jacobus Bellend (It’s Flemish), is regretting his Vow of Silence. How will he shout to the steeple-tops his love of fine Belgian-Style Dubbels? Moreso, how will he share his most secret ingredient? Along with the ordained Dark Candi Sugar, our Merry Monk silently slipped in a divine dose of dark Canadian Maple Syrup. Dark fruit, warming strength and indulgent caramel. Truly a Revelation!

Pouring a deep amber with ruby highlights, our take on Belgian Dubbel features specialty lowland malts, dark candi sugar, and yeast from a famous Trappist monastery. Rich and complex notes of figs, raisins, dried cherries and toffee are balanced with a subtle warming spice and a dry finish. A late addition of extra dark Canadian Maple Syrup provides a subtle yet unmistakable hint of home.

FEATURE HOPS: Styrian Goldings, Tettnang

FEATURE MALTS: Belgian Pilsner, Munich, Carapils, and Special B

7% alc


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