Vienna Amber Lager Single Tall Can

Vienna Amber Lager Single Tall Can

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The third pillar in our family of lagers, our Vienna is modelled after the traditional copper coloured, malt-driven lagers originating from the Anton Dreher Brewery of Austria. Brewed in a manner similar to a classic Märzen, this beer requires a delicate touch and extensive aging. It is tradition in a glass, and like finely sculpted marble, the deeper you look, the more beautiful it gets.

A blend of German malt character at the centre with the spiciness of Hallertau Select hops standing quietly in the background.

FEATURED MALTS: Munich Malt, Vienna Malt, Best Carapils

FEATURED HOPS: Noble Tettnang


5.3% alc

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This beer is equally at home in a beer hall as an opera house.